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We design solutions based on the business needs by integrating with cutting edge technology

Our delivery planning and management includes

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
    • Extending enterprise functions to field
    • Real-time access of data and analytics
    • The right data to the right people at the right time
    • Mobilizing key functions
    • Support for major mobile device technologies
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solutions
    • Expertise to deliver M2M for Enterprise
    • Out-of-box solutions with easy integration into corporate IT and business systems
    • Key enabler technologies to cover existing machines and devices
    • Capability to quickly operationalize M2M services with minimal disruption of existing operations
  • SAP Functional Services
    • Deep experience across all modules of SAP
    • Functional consulting and support
    • Business blueprinting, process study and recommendations
    • Configuration and customization
    • Post implementation support on all core modules
    • Functionality mapping to SAP
    • Focus on creating business value by providing standard SAP-based solutions
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